Chrosziel  MB-415

A 3-stage  matte box designed for a 15mm rod-support  system. The unit is a true 16x9 format and is a preferred choice for Canon and Fujinon wide broadcast lenses.
Accepts 4x4, 4x5.650, 5x5, 5.65x5.65, and 138mm filters. 

                Vocas  MB-450

A4-stage "one-of-a-kind"  matte box. Specifically designed for 15mm rod-support systems, the unit features a smooth swing-away mechanism and a unique "tilt-up" filter tray  that permits the camera professionals to eliminate glare or extraneous light entering the lens .
The Vocas MB-450 provides a range of filter trays covering all conventional sizes : 4x4, 4.5x4.5, 4x5.650 (vertical & horizontal), 5.65x5.65, and 138mm.

               Chrosziel   MB-456   "Academy" 

A 3-stage  compact  matte box, designed for 15mm rod-support system.
All 3 stages
rotateindepentently. Accepts 4x4, 4x5.650, 5x5, and 5.65x5.65 filters.
This unit features two types of adapters: conventional screw-on and threaded flexible rubber.

Matte Boxes

    Chrosziel  MB-412

A  2-stage "only" light-weight-but-sturdy  matte box with clip-on capability and access to a 15mm rod-support  system. Optional swing-away mechanism available. Unit is excellent for fast-pace news and documentary shoots. A true 16x9 format for Canon and Fujinon wide lenses.                                                Accepts 4x4, 4x5.650, 5x5, and 5.65x5.65 filters. 

 All three trays have the same "left-to-right" dimension.

Vocas MB-350

A 4-stage  compact matte box with access to 4x4, 4.5x4.5, and  4x5.650 filters.
The unit is designed for 15mm  
rod-support . An additional unique stage is built into the matte-box shade.

Matte Boxes  and  Filter Trays.​ 



                                                Chrosziel  MB-840

A versatile and well designed 2-or-3 stage matte box with clip-on and 15mm rod-support with swing-away capability. Unit provides greater flexibility for 5.65x5.65graduated and attenuated  filters.                                             Accepts 4x5.650, 5x5, 5.65x5.65, and 138mm filters.

                                CineSmart  MB-45H

A 2-stage "clip-on only" matte box with a unqiue and well-designed adapter ring system. Unit accepts 4x4, 4x5.650  and 5.65x5.65  filters.