Double Vision

"Clip-on" 6 inch  Filter-&-Diopter  Holder

Threaded Holding Rings for

138mm and 4.5" Achromats


Front View

The Spray-off rain deflector is uniquely designed for use with popular matte boxes. It enables the camera professional to  conveniently combine the rain deflector with other filters.

The world's first gun-and-go rain deflector that captures sharp images during inclement weather conditions.  The SpinTec is ideal for electronic news gathering, commericals, and various out-door sporting events such as deep-sea fishing, sailboat racing , and surf board competition.

Rear View

Kamio Ring Light

The single-element Pro-Holder includes a 138mm  rubber-bellows with

a self-locking retaining ring, a 110mm threaded rear-mount, which conveniently 

connects to an assortment of popular Chrosziel or Arri adapter rings.


Front View

Heavy-duty threaded

     retaining ring

Strip View

Ideal For The Angenieux  Optimo 24-290 Lens

Split View

Rain Deflectors

138mm  Single-Element  Diopters  With  Pro-Holder

The ability to capture flattering head shots with a combination unit :

 soft-ring light and a two-stage matte box

     Image Devices

Full View

Slot View

Rear View

The Spray-Off Rain Deflector

Schneider 138mm Achromats

Multi-Image Lens Attachments

Schneider Achromatic Diopters provide sharp close-up images without any chromatic distortion, while delivering consistent, in-focus subject matter during the zooming process. They are available in 138mm and 4.5".
The Filter Gallery offers a no-nonsense threaded ring that enables the achromat to be securely fastened
to the mounting system.

Special delrin bushing to help avoid scratches on lens

Schneider  "Achromatic"  Diopters  with  "Threaded"  Holding Rings

The SpinTec Rain Defletcor offers a 105mm lens-opening bracket   that includes a 15mm adjustable rod-support component, both of which help to steady the unit to the camera body while reducing any stress on the lens. 

In addition to capturing sharp close-up images, single-element
diopters help create impressive soft-focus blurring effects