All Harrison viewing filters are supplied with a black-suede bolo lanyard and a stylish protective pouch.  The handle is an integrated part of the viewer and will never break away.
Each unit comes with a threaded black anodized eye cup (not shown), which is designed to block extraneous light from leaking into the user's view. Also included is a threaded retaining ring that enables the user to conveniently replace the glass, should it get damage. 

            As a courtesy, The Filter Gallery offers  free engraving:  James Friend, BSC 

Harrison  Viewing  Filters 


The Gaffer viewing filter

is  made from authentic welding glass and is available

                       in 3 strengths.

4x5.650 ​Horizontal

Gaffer #2 = Approximately 11 stops

                  (most popular)

Gaffer 1


The "All-In-One" Travel Case

designed to hold 3 "on-the-go" cases or two "on-the-go" cases with one matte box.

The Green filter is for judging lighting conditions and getting an over-all view of the set.

The Red filter is for finding flaws on the green screen.                     Red blocks Green.

6-Pocket and 8-Pocket Pouches 

Ideal for ND, IR/ND, diffusion, and graduated-color sets 

   Star Effect

The "On-The-Go" Travel Case

with aluminum/rubber-padded support module that holds eleven 4x5.650 filters.
Without the module, the case holds 12-14 filters in single-pocket pouches.

Green-Screen Set

Blue Screen

Gaffer 2

Filter Pouches  with 6 pockets

Threaded Retaining Ring


4x5.650 Horizontal Pouch


Green-Screen Set  

Gaffer #1 = Approximately 6-7 stops


Gaffer #3 = Approximately 14 stops

 (extremely dark * Viewing the Sun )